Thursday, 26 June 2014

Results of the Bootea Teatox

Hey guys! So about a month ago now I started the Bootea Teatox, which is a two week detox - you can read about it here if you don't know about it already.

I was umming and ahhing about whether or not to even post my results with it, but I decided, eventually, that it may be helpful to other people if I do.

Whenever I've Googled about the results of the teatox, I've never seen anything particularly negative come up, so I was quite surprised at my reaction to it.

As a sufferer of anemia, I thought two weeks without meat might be a bit hard, but as I take multi-vitamins every day I thought I'd be okay. I was not. I ended up irritable and lethargic the entire time, therefore the raised energy levels I was meant to feel from the morning tea did not work.

The evening tea is meant to contain a laxative effect - I didn't get any of that luckily, but I think some of the ingredients of the morning tea contain diuretics, which I didn't know before I started. As a sufferer of chronic bladder infections, this messed up my body really badly, to the point that I had to stop taking the tea after the first week.

That being said, with the first week, I still managed to lose 3lbs, which is nice, I didn't experience any decrease in my appetite though which is a shame.

I'm sad I didn't get on with Bootea, but just because I had bad reactions to it doesn't mean you will, it just means if you suffer from anemia or bladder infections, perhaps you should stay away.

Have any of you done it, and if so, how was it for you?


  1. i think bootea & tiny tea are both cons. they both feature laxatives which just encourages purging & isn't healthy at all. not that i want you to have wasted your money but i'm kinda glad it didn't work for you as it puts one more negative review out there. people are too easily fooled by women who are already stick thin holding up a product on instagram xx

  2. Oh I'm so sorry you had such a bad time with it. Its nice to see a negative review now and again, it shows people these things aren't all they claim to be xx

    Charli | Secrets Behind The Closet Door


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