Wednesday, 2 July 2014

June Favourites!

MAC's Honey Love is the first item on my favourites list this month, the gorgeous brown-nude is perfect for daytime and night time, and I find myself reaching for it every day! Watch out for a review of that coming this week! Benefit's Lollitint was a bit of a payday impulse purchase after having my makeup done by Benefit, but definitely a happy purchase, it gives such a gorgeous candy pink tint to both skin and lips, very flattering for my pale skin! Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate was a product I ummed and ahhed about for months, after trying a sample I knew I loved it, but wasn't sure about the £36 price tag. My boyfriend got me a Kiehl's giftcard for my birthday and I knew straight away I wanted this, and I love it so much! It makes my skin so baby soft! Another Benefit purchase, this time their Hello Flawless foundation. If you're looking for a medium coverage that's buildable, it's perfect. I don't know what it's like for darker shades, but there are quite a few shades for the pale ladies! My final two favourites are both Body Shop products. Their BB Cream is awesome for days where I don't want to put a full coverage on my face, and is the only BB Cream I've tried that doesn't melt off my face after an hour! Their new product Instablur is so so awesome, I'll save my review for a later date, but that's another one you should watch out for!

What are your June Favourites? If you've done a video, link me below!

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