Sunday, 13 July 2014

My Makeup: Minimal

Hey guys! Today I thought I'd show you what I wear when my make-up is minimal and I don't want to cake it in foundation! (Which is more often than not in this humid weather!)
I've forgotten to include a very important product here - my brow pencil. It's Revlon's Brow Fantasy in Brunette, you'll get a review soon enough ;)

If I'm going to wear any make-up at all, I have to pop concealer on under my eyes, I have the most terrible eye bags regardless of the amount of sleep I get, so I try to cover them up as best as possible. If anyone knows anything that gets rid of eye bags, let me know!!
The No7 shadow is 'wheatsheaf' and is my absolute favourite, I've not quite hit pan yet but I know it'll happen soon!!
My lip product is also a No7 one, their relatively unknown (it seems) BB Lips, which I think is their dupe of Clarins Lip Perfectors. They came out this time last year in a load of colours, and I love them! I don't like having bare lips, so these are fantastic when I don't want a bright pop of colour like I usually sport!
Benefit's They're Real mascara is my holy grail mascara, I am obsessed with it. It lasts all day without slipping down my face, it's the blackest of blacks and it makes my eyelashes so, so long!

What do you wear on minimal make-up days?

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  1. So beautiful, I love minimal make up looks in the warmer weather. I've been really enjoying the Seventeen concealer <3

    Jennie xo |


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