Friday, 25 July 2014

The New Fashion Rules

The New Fashion Rules

Back in the 1950s, when women hit their thirties, they suddenly morphed into staid matrons with frumpy skirts, old lady perms and sensible shoes. These days the intergenerational fashion rules are far more fluid and items of clothing that would previously be banished as off-limits are still very much an option. Read on to find out how to stay youthful, style wise, without looking like mutton dressed as lamb.

Slogan T-shirts

Forget the saying that if you’re old enough to remember a trend the first time round, you’re too old to wear it this time. Printed T-shirts inspired by rock bands of the eighties and nineties are a great look with jeans and flip-flops for an understated summer look for all of us. When it comes to slogan tees, the style rules are simple - stick to stuff that won’t offend anyone at the school gates and, if you’ve still got a flat stomach, by all means go for a cropped style. If you’ve got it flaunt it!


Even though the name conjures up images of toddlerhood, the right playsuit can work brilliantly well into adulthood. If you feel a bit unsure, invest in a plain cotton beach version to pull on instead of a sarong after a day by the pool on holiday. They make fantastic hassle-free cover-ups to take you from the beach to an early evening drink.


Don’t be scared to dare to bare in a bikini, even if you’re nearer 40 than 18.  Yes, it’s true that not everyone can get away with a barely there affair made of the tiniest triangles and skinniest string, but there are lots of figure-flattering supportive options out there for ladies who want to rock grown-up bikini chic on the beach this summer.

Mini Skirts

If you’re blessed with a nice pair of pins, a mini skirt is always going to look fantastic, whether you’re 17 or 47. There’s no need to go super short either – ASDA’s mini skirt range has all sorts of styles available from flirty skater, to sexy tube to casually cool chino or denim, meaning you can tailor your look to your comfort zone. When the weather starts to get colder, mini skirts actually get easier to wear as you can team them with tights and knee length or ankle boots for an eye-catching but covered-up Autumnal look.


Even if thin neon-printed jumpsuits are more likely to find their way into your shopping basket for your daughter than for you, don’t dismiss the jumpsuit when you’re looking for a new outfit for a night out. A wide-legged, draped jersey jumpsuit in black or navy with a sparkly belt is a brilliantly elegant wardrobe update to take women of all ages out on the town this summer and beyond.

When it comes to style remember you’re as young as you feel, so if it suits you and it makes you feel happy, go for it and be forever young in fantastic fashion.

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