Monday, 11 August 2014

Review: Directions Hair Dye in 'Lilac'

Hey guys! Those who have been following my blog for a little while know how much I love my hair dye. I've been dying my hair in all different colours for years and years, you can read a post about it here in fact. My colour of choice at the moment has been turquoise dip dye, but after getting a bit bored of that I went for a lilac dye yesterday!

Now as you can see, the colour in the pot is not lilac. It's more of a royal blue, but I thought 'meh, may as well' and therefore didn't expect much. So I shampoo-ed my hair - didn't condition it as it commanded and then slathered on it and waited half an hour.

This was the result:

Pretty purple, right? Well, no not really. The flash on my camera clearly had a field day, because although it shines purple in some lights, it is certainly more blue than anything. Either way, my hair is certainly not lilac. I can't be too disheartened, my hair was still holding onto some blue hair dye and that will have made an impact, and I do like the colour it has given me. I plan on buying a pink dye and mixing two together!

What do you think? And what brand of hair dye do you recommend for awesome dip dye?


  1. I have used the Schwarzkopf bright dyes for the past couple of times I've dip dyed. They can look really intimidating but can be diluted down and they always work great for me :) xx

  2. I really like it! Last Summer I did a purple dip dye on my hair too, now I'm missing it a lot eheh xxx

  3. It's a nice colour but not really lilac. I like the Directions dye in Lavender, it's a lighter & pinkier purple. Might be worth giving your hair a bleach bath first to lighten up your base colour too xx

  4. I died my hair purple when I was in my first year of high school and whenever I was at school people would say it was blue and then when people saw me outside of school they thought it was purple. I think they change around so much in different light!
    Water Painted Dreams xo


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