Saturday, 16 August 2014

Weekend wishlist


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Hey guys! As you can see, this week's wishlist is pretty shoe dominated. Since starting my new job, it has occurred to me I don't own a lot of smart shoes, I own a lot of Converses, and not a lot else - not work appropriate anyway. So today I shall be going into town to pick up a pair of smart boots, and although both boots are from ASOS and therefore not going to be going in my shopping basket tomorrow, I'm hoping to find something similar!
The top is pretty self explanatory, I love unicorms, I already have three unicorn tops. As for the earrings...they're pretty, what excuse do I need?
I am having a love affair with those jeans. I have a pair of bright green jeans that are on their way out, and I need a replacement, and I think these might be it!

What's on your weekend wishlist? Link me to yours!

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