Wednesday, 3 September 2014

August Favourites!

Hey guys! Sorry this month's favourites are a bit late, I've been waylaid somewhat by life ;)

This month is quite jampacked, probably because I didn't get round to doing this last time!

The top thing on my list this month is without doubt my kindle. I'd like to first point out that the books you can see here aren't the ones I've been reading most recently in particular, yes, that is the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy you can see, purely because I don't believe in critiquing a book I've not read. I read them. They were truly terrible. ANYWAY, back to my original point. I've been even more obsessed with books than normal this month. I read 'If I Stay' and the sequel last week, and wept a million tears. Very YA fiction, but very compelling all the same! I've just started Jane Eyre after having it recommended to me by loads of people, let's hope I enjoy it! Any recommendations of must have reads?

Rimmel's Natural Bronzer in 'medium' - I'm one of the palest people I know, so to have a bronzer on my favourites is not normal! that being said, I enjoy contouring my cheeks every now and then, and this bronzer is fantastic for it, not too orange, very matte, wonderful. If you're looking for a cheap bronzer, this will do the job!

Rimmel's Quad Eyeshadow in '002 Smoky Brun' - Another product bought on a whim, I own a lot of palettes but wanted a smoky palette without loads of colours in it and this does the trick! I'll pop up a review soon!

Bourjois Velvet Edition in 'Personne de rouge' - I blogged about this recently, I love it! Perfect red, especially with this Autumnal weather.

Topshop Blush in 'flush' - I have a rotation of about 5 blushers, but this one is the one I keep coming back to! It's a gorgeous bright pink that gives me a healthy flush, perfect for every day.

Avon Make up Setting Spray - I've been after a setting spray for ages, and this is good and smells gorgeous too. I shall definitely be doing a review soon.

Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner - I've had this eyeliner ages, and I keep repurchasing it, and despite having about ten othe liquid eyeliners - including 'They're Real' this is always a winner for me!

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb - This is my 'holy grail' perfume, and I've loved it even more recently. I would wear it every day if I wasn't so hesitant about using it up too quickly!

label.m Protein Spray - I picked this up at my hairdressers after seeing it being used on me and I love it. It can be used as a heat protection spray and also makes my hair quite shiny which I love so much, I recommend it!

That's my favourites, what are yours? Link me to your posts in the comments!

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