Sunday, 28 September 2014

Blistex Relief Cream - aka the best lip balm ever.

For some unknown reason, I seem to get really bad chapped lips regardless of the weather. It can be beautifully sunny and 25c, middle of February and -1c or somewhere in between, and my lips will be chapped regardless. I have tried so many lip balms, I must own about 20, from super cheap to far more expensive, and none of them do anything to help my lips. Not only will they be chapped, but I will regularly wake up and realise they've been bleeding. I know, gross. Then someone recommended Blistex Relief Cream to me. I was skeptical, a product so cheap surely won't do all I need, will it?

As you can see, the product is definitely more medical looking that cosmetic, and at only £2.65 I thought it was worth giving a go.
I cannot recommend it enough. I apply it once in the morning and evening, and occasionally during the day if they're really chapped, and it works wonders. It's the only product that stops my lips from chapping, I love it so much. I pop it in my handbag wherever I go, it is an absolute essential for me.
As Winter comes closer, I'm sure more and more of you suffer from chapped lips, and this little thing is a life saver!

Have you tried it? What did you think?

Disclaimer: I am definitely not sponsored or endorsed or anything by Blistex, I just really bloody love this product : )


  1. I never knew this was supposed to be used as a lip balm! I own it too and only ever use it to cure the occasional coldsores! You learn something new everyday!

  2. Hi Katy!

    that sounds really good! have you tried pawpaw ointment from australia?? it comes in a red tube and you can get it from ebay for about £5 - i find that really good for chapping!!

    Love Shani xo
    Co-founder at Style Honey


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