Sunday, 12 October 2014

Review: Clarisonic Aria

The Clarisonic Aria is a cult classic that every blogger seems to want or have. Despite the amazing reviews, with a RRP of £135 there was no way I could justify buying one, I forgot about it for a little while, until I was asked if I wanted to review one. Well of course, I jumped at the chance. So yes, I was gifted this product, but no, that will not change my review.

On first impression, I loved it. Small, compact and PINK. It has three buttons - the power button, a button to speed it up and one to slow it down - depending on what part of your face and how sensitive you are.
I've not pictured the charger because I've managed to hide it in my room somewhere, but it's pretty amazing. It has a magnetic charger that sticks itself to your Clarisonic and then plugs into a wall adapter. That little hole in the stand is for the wire to pass through in order to keep it on it's stand whilst charging.
I personally think the stand is a great idea, I don't want it lying around on my dressing table, so being able to stand it up is a great bonus.

The bristles don't look particularly soft, but as soon as I put them to my face, my worry was vanished. The cycle is two minutes, and it turns itself off after that. I'll admit, the first time I used it, I was disappointed. It definitely took off all my makeup, but I didn't think 'wow'. I persevered however, and used it every day for a month. Then I didn't use it for a week. I got blemishes and my skin looked rubbish, but since I started using my Aria again it cleared up, so I guess it's a product that you will only notice the difference with once you stop using it! It made my skin incredibly soft and my moisturiser definitely seemed to work better as well.

This should be obvious, but definitely do not use this to remove eye makeup, your eye area is far too delicate for a tool such as this! I always double cleanse, and I use the Clarisonic as the second step in my regimen :)

My skin looks brighter and feels so much better. Yes it is a lot of money, but if you can afford it and are thinking about it, then I definitely recommend it!


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