Friday, 1 May 2015

April Favourites!

This month I've done all beauty products with one exception!

2. Lush's Snow Fairy Shower Gel - I didn't like the smell of Snow Fairy for the longest time, but I received it as a Christmas gift and I am now obsessed!

3. Penguin Classics - for Penguin's 80th birthday, they released 80 little books for 80p each. They're all either poetry or short stories. I currently have about 13, I want them all!

4. Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze - the amazing Vivianna Does Makeup has raved about this so much, I had to pick it up. It's such a gorgeous bronze colour, I love it.

5. Maybelline Colour Drama Lip Pencil in Love My Pink - I picked these up a few weeks ago and I love the colour, the perfect pink for Spring!

6. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick in Hap'Pink - Another beautiful pink lipstick that lasts all day without much reapplying! I'll be reviewing this soon.

7. Bourjois Intuitive Liner - This liquid liner has three small prongs, meaning you can do either a more natural look by dotting it on your upper eyelid, or dragging it across like a normal eyeliner. My favourite of the moment.

What's on your favourites this month? Link me to yours!

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  1. Welcome to the Snow Fairy family! Apparently they'll be selling 1l bottles at Christmas in the Oxford Street one!
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams


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