Monday, 14 September 2015

Lush's Frozen Bath Bomb

After the massive popularity of the Oxford Street range of products, Lush FINALLY decided to release the products into the other stores. Of course the day they arrived I went and bought ALL of the bath products. It would be rude not to...
So first, is the amazing Frozen bath bomb.


This bath bomb is truly amazing. The pictures don't do the glitter justice for a start. If you love glitter, this bath bomb is for you. I felt like a mermaid whilst in this bath!
Frozen smells deliciously like neroli and makes for a very relaxing bath, the colour was beautiful and I spent most of the bath staring dreamily at the water!
Although there is a lot of glitter, I didn't find my skin covered in it when I got out the bath, and a quick rinse with the shower head removed any glitter from the bath tub.
You can get Frozen from the Lush website or Lush stores for £3.95.
Have you tried this bath bomb?


  1. Ahh I love a lush bath bomb! The colour of this one is great, I will have to try it. x

  2. Look at all that glitter! Too pretty---I think I need this Lush bathbomb in my life haha <3
    She Will Be

  3. This looks so pretty! :) I'm always wary of bath bombs that have loads of glitter but good to know it didn't leave loads behind x

  4. I keep meaning to order some now that they're available out of Oxford Street, I can't wait for the Christmas goodies to arrive though! Lucy at Lucyy Writes x


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