Sunday, 11 October 2015

Lush's The Experimenter Bath Bomb

If you hadn't heard about this Lush bath bomb yet, you are missing out. Part of the massive Oxford Street cohort that was released into all stores recently, this bath bomb is a colour sensation. Apologies for a lot of pictures, but something as beautiful as this needs it.


As you can see, The Experimenter is full of colour. With each of the sides a different colour, your bath will be different depending on what side up you put the bath bomb - I was advised to have the blue/pink side facing me as I put it in to make the bath more colourful!
Beautiful colours aside, I was slightly disappointed at the colour this bath went after it had completely dissolved, I expected bright colours and was left with this dark grey instead.
Apart from that, it is amazing. The smell reminds me of Christmas and the popping candy in it just adds to the amazing spectacle that is this bath bomb. It has vanilla, tonka bean and vetivert oil in. I don't know anything about difference fragrances, but I do know that this smells incredible. It lasts on your skin faintly once you're out of the bath, which is lovely.

At £3.95 it isn't the cheapest bath bomb, but it is worth it, and I've already repurchased a few more of these!

Have you used The Experimenter before? What do you think?

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  1. Looks so amazing! I love the fact that you are so truthful about this bomb I've seen a lot of posts on it and not single one has mentioned what it's like at the end, which is important to know! such a shame that it doesn't really stay around still looks fun at the beginning! x


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