Monday, 2 November 2015

Review: L.A.B.2 Strokes of Genius Brush Kit

When it comes to make-up brushes, I know what I like. I use a mixture of Urban Decay and Real Techniques brushes, and I always have. However, when L.A.B.2 offered to send me their Strokes of Genius Brush kit, I couldn't refuse.


I'm a fan of the all black sleekness of the kit, so straight away I was intrigued. With 5 brushes catering to all your eye make-up needs, I was excited to give them a go.

Included is:
All over eyeshadow brush
Slanted eyebrow brush
Pointed eyeliner brush
Eyeshadow crease brush
Double sided brow and lash groomer

Both the brow brush and eyeliner brush are interesting, and although I prefer the teardrop shape of some eyeliner brushes, I liked the shape the brush gave my eyeliner. The brow brush was excellent, firm enough to create defined shape without being too difficult to use.
The eyeshadow brushes, however, weren't as soft as I'm used to, which I wasn't a fan of, but there were better at putting product on my eyes than some brushes I've used, so although I wouldn't use this every day, if I'm doing a heavier make-up look, I'd definitely reach for these two brushes.
The brow and lash groomer is standard, and you can never have enough spoolies!
Although I shan't be ditching my usual make-up brushes any time soon, I'm excited to add these into the rotation!

L.A.B.2's Strokes of Genius kit is available from Superdrug for £18.99

What do you think, have you used these?

*This kit has been kindly gifted to me to review, but as always, this doesn't change my review of it.

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