Monday, 28 September 2015

Review: Lush's Don't Look At Me Facemask


Don't Look At Me is one of the newer products, I'm not sure if it was part of the Oxford Street cohort, but it definitely came out around the same time as those products hit the rest of the Lush shops.

I'll be honest, I was drawn in by the look of this mask. Look how blue it is! It's beautiful. Don't Look At Me is full of lemon juice and neroli oil to tone and brighten the skin, plus tofu to soften as well. Having used about half the pot now, I can say that these things are all true. It's a fantastic mask. There's just one problem. 
The smell.

I don't know what it is, but I don't like it. It's not the lemon juice, or the neroli oil - both scents that I love. But something in this mask just doesn't agree with my nostrils. I think it smells like playdough. Maybe it's the tofu. Who knows. Either way, I don't think I'll be repurchasing this mask purely because the smell puts me off! 

What do you think, have you tried this mask, what do you think?

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Weekend Wishlist: Boots

Weekend Wishlist


Autumn is beckoning, the 23rd September is officially the first day of Autumn! And as such, I've started thinking about winter boots, and how much I love them. I'm heavy footed and very clumsy, so I get through a pair every winter, therefore it's only fair I start thinking about this year's choice. The two black ones are the most likely, I can't imagine wearing the sparkly ones underneath my workwear, but my oh my how pretty are they?

What do you think?

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Ebay Wishlist: Harry Potter Jewelry!

Harry Potter jewelry


To those who know me or follow me on any form of social media, my Harry Potter obsession shouldn't come as a surprise. I read the first book when I was seven, and I was hooked. and fifteen years later, I love it even more. So it was only natural that I eventually entered the foray of Harry Potter jewelry. Fortunately for me, I found a lot on eBay, and even more fortunately, found it very cheaply! I've had some compliments on my awesome jewelry, so I thought I'd share the links to where I got the pieces from! A few of them have sold out since I bought it, so I've chosen something similar instead :)

What do you think?

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Anatomicals Make Your Scalp Yelp! Head Shock Shampoo


It's difficult to explain this shampoo. It's like nothing I've ever tried. This shampoo is full of peppermint to invigorate the scalp and refresh you. That, it does. Oh my goodness, my my scalp felt fresher than Alaska when I was rubbing it in.
It made my hair shiny and so clean, which is great. But, be careful to not get the shampoo over your face, because it's all good and well to have an invigorating scalp, but an invigorating cheek? Not so great. 
If you want a shampoo that will make your hair feel fresh and super-clean, this is the shampoo for you.
Just don't get it in your eyes.
Anatomicals products are available on the ASOS website!


Sunday, 20 September 2015

Review: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 'So Hap'Pink'


This lipstick has been my absolute favourite for months so I thought it was about time I shared it up on the blog :)

If you haven't used any of the Bourjois Rouge Edition matte lipsticks, well then you're missing out. I own six, and I love them all. The formula is gorgeous - a mousse like formula that dries matte very quickly and lasts all day without drying my lips out. Rare, I think you'll agree. The colour range is great, and I've heard they're bringing out a berry colour for A/W, AMAZING. I'll definitely being picking that up!

So Hap'Pink is a beautiful muted pink, although it's too dark to be counted as a nude, it's still quite a soft colour if you're not a fan of bright, bright lipsticks.

My tube of this is running quite low after using it lots over the past 9 months, so I'll definitely be picking up another tube!

Have you used any of these lipsticks, what do you think?

Friday, 18 September 2015

Review: Lush's Cup o' Coffee Mask

I didn't think it would ever happen, but it has. I have fallen in love with a face mask. Lush's Cup o Coffee has stolen my heart. I've always used face masks, but I've normally bought a sample size, and even if I really liked it, I never bought the full size. However, I heard amazing things about this mask and decided to bite the bullet and get it, and I'm glad I did.

Here, have a picture of me with the mask on my face, looking, quite frankly, terrified. I don't think I was.

I admit, if you don't like the smell of coffee, this mask isn't for you. But if you don't mind it, you must go out and get it. I have never experienced skin so smooth. As it is a body mask/scrub as well, I slathered it all over myself, waited ten minutes and washed it off, and then proceeded to shout FEEL HOW SMOOTH I AM to anyone who came within 10 metres of me (okay not quite...)

As you can imagine from the inclusion of coffee, it is a very invigorating mask, and fantastic to use in the morning when you're feel a bit groggy before your morning shower. This exfoliating mask is full of cocoa and vanilla oil as well, to make your face bright and smooth. I'm obsessed with it.
I've also taken to scrubbing my legs with it before I shave them, it makes them so much softer than normal!

If you've used it, let me know what you thought!

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Urban Decay Fall 2015

As Autumn winds around again, the anticipation of new make-up releases comes to head and we finally get some gorgeous products to lust over! I've been lucky enough to receive some of the new Urban Decay products to share with you today!


Urban Decay have released LOTS of new products and shades, so here are a few of them:

'Brow Tamer' - This brow gel is amazing, I have it in 'neutral brown' and 'clear' but there are 3 other colours to choose from :) It has great staying power and holds my unruly brows in place all day. I prefer the brown to the clear, but if you've already got quite dark brows, clear may work best for you.

'Brow Beater' - This has very easily become my favourite ever brow product. This double ended product comes with a very handy spooly on one end and a microfine brow pencil on the other. It's so thin it mimics the thickness of brow hairs, meaning you can get a very precise and accurate brow. 

'Matte Revolution Lipstick' - If you've been reading my blog or following my instagram for any amount of time, you may know about my obsession with matte lipsticks. Well these may just well be my new favourite line. Very matte, but not drying, these gorgeous lipsticks go on smooth and last hours without reapplication. I have the colours 'Menace' and 'Bittersweet' and quite frankly I'm in love. Both are gorgeous bright pinks  - Menace being more fuscia and Bittersweet being far closer to purple in colour. 

The other product in this range is of course, the highly coveted Naked Smoky palette - which I have already reviewed here.

Expect full reviews of all the products you see here, because quite frankly they're all incredible.
Have you tried any of this range yet?

Monday, 14 September 2015

Lush's Frozen Bath Bomb

After the massive popularity of the Oxford Street range of products, Lush FINALLY decided to release the products into the other stores. Of course the day they arrived I went and bought ALL of the bath products. It would be rude not to...
So first, is the amazing Frozen bath bomb.


This bath bomb is truly amazing. The pictures don't do the glitter justice for a start. If you love glitter, this bath bomb is for you. I felt like a mermaid whilst in this bath!
Frozen smells deliciously like neroli and makes for a very relaxing bath, the colour was beautiful and I spent most of the bath staring dreamily at the water!
Although there is a lot of glitter, I didn't find my skin covered in it when I got out the bath, and a quick rinse with the shower head removed any glitter from the bath tub.
You can get Frozen from the Lush website or Lush stores for £3.95.
Have you tried this bath bomb?

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Autumn Wishlist

With Autumn around the corner....or more like, hitting me in my unprepared face as I run away screaming 'I'm not ready' it's time to get my wardrobe more weather appropriate. This week I plan on putting away all of my beautiful summery clothes and bringing out the sweaters etc that will take me through another English A/W season. Here's what I'm wanting so far...

Autumn Wishlist


Yes, if it seems like this wishlist seems very work appropriate, that's because it is. I start a new job on Wednesday (eek!) so a lot of the clothes I'm thinking about are work clothes!

What's on your autumn wishlist?

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Urban Decay's Smoky Palette

The wonderful people at Urban Decay have done it again. When I opened up my Smoky Palette I actually gasped. IT'S JUST SO PRETTY.


The colours are amazing and I can't wait to try out the tutorials included in the palette. As always, the pigmentation and staying power is amazing and comes with a gorgeous, soft brush.

At £38.00 it isn't the cheapest palette out there, but if you can afford it I highly recommend it, I've tried loads of eyeshadow palettes in my time and it most certainly has the best quality of those I've tried!

Have you tried it? What do you think?

Monday, 7 September 2015

August Favourites!


1. Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick in 'Bittersweet' - I'll be doing a full review of Urban Decay's Autumn 2015 range soon but I've become so obsessed with this lipstick I've had to include it!

2. Lush's Cup o' Coffee Face/Body Mask - This mask is so amazing, it makes my skin ridiculously soft. Again, expect a review soon.

3. Barry M's Gelly Nail Paint in 'Watermelon' - As Autumn creeps slowly around the corner, I've started wearing more autumnal colours in preparation, and this has been adorning my nails all week!

4. Barry M's Showgirl Lengthening Mascara - I normally use Benefit's They're Real mascara, but when I'm wanting a break from it, I always reach for this. It's so good!

5. MAC Brush Cleanser - I am so, so lazy at cleaning my brushes. No-one enjoys it, do they? This makes things SO much easier, you pour it a dab on your dry brush, swirl it around on a cloth or some kitchen roll and bam, clean brushes. It's changed my life...(not quite.)

Sorry I've been COMPLETELY MIA for ages, but I was finishing off my MA and oh my goodness I was so busy I barely had time to breath. But now I've got 9 days before I start my new job so I plan on blogging LOTS. Huzzah!
What have you been up to, you lovely lot?


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