Sunday, 17 January 2016

Eloquence Beauty Pure Luxury Collection

I'm a massive fan of skincare, as I'm sure you all know, so when Eloquence Beauty offered to send me their products for review, I jumped at the chance.

I'll start by saying, although these products were sent to me, it doesn't change my review. I'll be completely honest and unbiased, as I am with everything I review.

I used these products for about a month before I wrote this review, because products often take a while to make a difference on my face, and I didn't want to hastily write a review and later change my mind!

The Eloquence Beauty Pure Luxury Collection comes as a four step group of products, and a treatment oil as well. You can buy them separately or together - but as with most things, buying together is cheaper!

Eloquence Beauty are a British company that prides itself on its use of Sacha Inchi Oil, which is an Peruvian oil that contains Omega 3 and 6 restores the skin's elasticity and re-hydrates it.

The 4 steps begin with their Purifying Facial Cleanser (£7.99) which I fell in love with straight away. This cleanser works by lathering with water - which is my preferable method for cleanser. Unlike a lot that I've tried, my face wasn't left feeling tight or dry, instead I felt refreshed and my face was left feeling soft. The scent of the cleanser - and the rest of the products - was fresh, I can't pinpoint a particular scent, but I enjoyed it!

The second step is the Firm and Tone Serum (£19.99) which I found interesting because I don't tend to use serums. I've tried in the past, and given up, but I persevered with this one, which is a good sign! With added Hyaluronic Acid to give a boost of collagen, this promises to leaving skin feeling plump and smooth. I didn't notice a massive difference, but as I'm only 22 I don't have to worry too much about a lack of collagen, so that's probably why! That said, the skin around my eyes felt plumper, although that could be because of the next step...

The Moisturising Eye Gel (£19.99). I love eye gels, my under-eyes are one of the bits of my face I hate the most, so I'll jump on anything that promises to lessen my under eye circles! This also contains Hyaluronic Acid to plump up, so as well as making my dark circles go away somewhat, it's also made the skin plumper.

The fourth and final step is the Protect and Repair 24h Cream (£14.99) which I love. I always prefer to have my face cleanser and moisturiser from the same brand, so I was excited to try this. This is quite a thick cream, so it took a little while to absorb, but once it was absorbed it didn't leave me feeling oily at all. It protects against both UVA and UVB which is reassuring – it's much easier when creams contain SPF so I don't have to apply it on top of anything else! This left my skin feeling wonderfully soft, and I can see myself repurchasing this before it runs out, just so I don't have to run out!

The last product in this range, that isn't technically part of the 4 step process, is the Eloquence Beauty Nourishing Treatment Oil (£29.99). This multi-use product contains sweet almond and coconut oil as well as Sacha Inchi Oil, making it a luxurious oil to use. It can be used on the skin, hair and nails – so I tried it on all three! I didn't use it on my face because my face is more oily than dry, and I didn't want to exacerbate my oiliness! However, I reckon if you suffer from dry skin, this would be ideal for you. I suffer from incredibly dry skin on my hands, and this worked WONDERS on it. I also used it on my nails, and it made my cuticles far easier to manage, and on my the ends of my hair, which made it softer as well! This treatment oil is a little pricey, but completely worth it!

Overall, I love it. At £75 for the entire range, it sounds like a lot of money, but when you think about how much you're getting, it's really not. Plus you're saving so much money by buying all the products at once. However, if you'd rather try the products individually so you're not splurging the cash, you can get 20% off each individual product by using the code 'JANUARYEQ' before the end of January.

Have you tried them? What do you think?

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