Thursday, 3 March 2016

Februrary Favourites!

I spent most of February bed bound with a nasty bug, so this month's favourites may seem a little sparse!


1. The Wet Brush - I feel like this is the Tangle Teezr's bigger sister. I love this brush so much, I have very long and thick hair and I get so many knots in it, this is the only brush that removes the knots!

2. Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr in On and On Bronze - This gorgeous bronze eyeshadow is my new favourite when I'm not using a palette, it's my new favourite nude!

3. Benefit's Erase Paste - Whenever I'm ill I tend to get SUPER bags, and this heavy duty concealer is amazing at covering up all my blemishes!

4. Bourjois Healthy Balance Matte Powder - I had been looking for a new powder for a while and the Twittersphere recommended this, so I of course picked it up. It's a great powder, expect a review soon!

5. Urban Decay Brow Tamer in Brown - When I don't have time to spend ages on my brows, this is the product I go to. It's a gorgeous product that stays on all day and makes my brows look thicker and neater.

What's on your favourites list this month?

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