Sunday, 10 April 2016

Experiment Outcome: I let my mother dress me for a week

I survived! Yes that's right, I let my mother dress me for a week and we both survived!

I decided to do this because I'd seen it floating around Buzzfeed a few times, and I was interested to see how my mum would dress me compared to how I dress myself, if she would put things together that I wouldn't have thought of, or if she would dress me terribly etc! In order to give me a bit of control, I was also in charge of what she wore - you can see what she has to say at the bottom of this post!

Now I usually wear either jeans and a t shirt or clashing prints, there's a reason that I'm a beauty blogger and not a fashion blogger! Keep that in mind!



As soon as this outfit was picked I was bit disgruntled. Don't get me wrong, I love burgundy. I love this blazer, and I love this dress. But I do NOT love them together! I don't like matching colours together, and so this was a nightmare for me. It had worn off by this point, but she had chosen a burgundy lipstick for me that day too. Unimpressed. I am, however, completely un-surprised by this choice. I know how much she loves matching colours together and she has been itching for me to wear these two pieces together in I don't know how long! Solid 4/10, it was very comfortable, so that's a good thing!


I had an important meeting on the Tuesday, so I was hoping mum would put me in something professional, and I was pleasantly surprised. Most of my wardrobe is dark, so this suits me, but I like the pop of colour the top brings to the outfit. I'm not a massive fan of the blazer but I wanted to look business-like and this definitely works. I would have chosen something like this myself, 7/10.



This is definitely my favourite outfit of the week, that skirt is perhaps the most worn item in my wardrobe and I love it. Plus mum paired it with a black top and grey cardigan, no more matching colours, yay! 
I love the scarf too, the colours in it are beautiful and as I've recently been able to shed my massively thick winter scarf, I've been wearing this more. 9/10 - well done!


Thursday was a casual day of errand running for me, so I'm glad mum put me jeans (at last). I love jeans. I wear them most of the time, so I feel very comfortable in them. The jumper top is also a staple for me, it's so soft! 8/10 
You'll notice that from now on I've cut my face out of the picture - I wore no makeup for the rest of the week, and you guys don't need in your brains! 



Another day of jeans, huzzah! This time, black jeans! Again, another day of errand running, so I'm glad for the comfort of jeans. It's at this point that it occurs to me that I love burgundy, and next to black, it's the most frequent colour in my wardrobe. Therefore it makes sense for there to be at least one other outfit in the week to feature it! You can't go wrong with jeans and a comfy jumper top, and the outfits of the last two days are very similar to what I'd dress myself in on a normal day. 8/10


I spent Saturday having a lazy day in my pajama's, so Sunday is the last day of this experiment!
Spring has certainly sprung today, so I think the outfit worked very well, I felt a bit uncomfortable by all the colour however. Mum chose a skirt I don't wear very much because the colour puts me off a bit! It is a beautiful skirt though, and I liked the combination of the mint of the top with it too. 7/10! 
Overall, I think mum did pretty well - I was worried she'd put me in uncomfortable clothes or make me matchy matchy for the whole week, so I was pleasantly surprised! That being said, there's no way I'd let her do it again - I didn't like not being in control of my clothes one little bit! I'll definitely wear the floral skirt a bit more, so that's a plus!
As I mentioned earlier, this week I also chose her outfits too...

My mum HATES wearing skirts or dresses, so I only managed to put her in a skirt once in the week...I dreaded to think what would happen if I did more than one day! She also only seems to have black or dark patterned trousers, so if I was in charge of her wardrobe I would definitely get some brighter colours in there too! Now I did have less flexibility with her as she had work 5/6 days, so I was limited as to what I could put her in! Sunday however, I could dress her casually, so I made her wear this shirt which is gorgeous...and she never wears. She doesn't know why either. I love a checked shirt! So apart from the skirt and shirt, I generally picked outfits for her that she'd pick for herself (or so I thought). That being said she mentioned that she normally wears jumpers instead of a blouse/cardigan combo for the sake of ease, so I'm hoping this week reminded her of the some of the pretty tops she owns!

What do you think, would you let a parent choose your clothes for a week?

It also occurred to me that you cannot see her face at all during this post! So here's a photo of my mum and last summer!

Mum and Me



  1. This us such a good idea I love it! My favourite is the black and white striped skirt x

  2. Aww this is such a sweet idea, love that picture of you and your mum at the end it's so nice!

    Catherine xx

  3. this is such a good idea, i don't think i'd trust my mum to dress me for a week though haha also i'm following your blog on bloglovin now so please do check out mine if you like :)

    love katy @ THE RAWRDROBE x


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