Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The Body Shop British Rose Soap

I am a big fan of soap. I like all things that smell nice, and in the past few months that has meant I've bought a lot of hand soap. I normally peruse Lush but I happened to be in The Body Shop a few weeks ago and saw this little beauty.
I'm a massive fan of anything rose scented and thought the packaging was cute so I picked it up to see how it fared.
For reference, I have very dry skin and I wash my hands a lot.

The Body Shop's British Rose Soap promises to cleanse and exfoliate your skin, leaving it clean and silky soft. It contains real crushed rose petals in it - which you can feel and smell, which is a nice touch. It's definitely exfoliating, which isn't something I often get with a soap, but I do like it. My hands are left feeling softer than before and the scent stays with me - but it's subtle enough to not be overpowering.
If you like the scent of rose, then this is a winner. It retails for only £4 too, which is a good price! I've been using it multiple times a day for a week and it's not seemed to have shrunk at all yet, which I am impressed by.

I shall definitely be picking up a few more items from this range in the near future, probably the hand cream first!

Have you tried anything from this range?

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