Sunday, 29 May 2016

My pick of the primers


For most of my make-up wearing life, I didn't wear a primer. I thought it was an unnecessary addition to my makeup routine and decided that I'd rather spend the money on more lipsticks. Then I saw the error of my ways, primer is a great addition to my makeup and now it's a staple, so I thought I'd show you my collection!

Benefit's Porefessional and The Body Shop's Instablur are two very similar primers, they glide on smoothly, minimise pores (as the names suggest) and keep my foundation on my face for longer. As much as I love Poressional - I'm on my third bottle - it only lasts slightly longer than Instablur, so save yourself £10 and but Instablur instead would be my advice!

Benefit's Stay Flawless Primer is the primer here that I don't love so much. I tried it loads, I desperately wanted to love it, but it just wasn't too be. I found although it did keep my makeup on for longer, it made it cakey and looking pretty streaky, so I stopped wearing this one pretty swiftly. Maybe I'm just applying it wrong, who knows - let me know if you love it!

My final, new, addition is Nivea for Men's Post Shave Balm. A weird choice, yes, but everyone has been loving this - including Kylie Jenner's make up artist, so I thought I'd try it out. 
I am surprisingly loving this primer. At £5 for 100ml it's by far the best value for money, and I like the masculine-y scent it's got! It's a great primer, and keeps my makeup looking fresh for longer without making it streaky. A great new addition!

I'm always on the look out for new makeup, so what primer would you suggest?

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  1. I may have to go and buy the Nivea shaving balm. I've wanted to try it but really wondered if it was just a trend.

    Btw love your blog, it's so cute!

    Georgie |


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