Friday, 10 June 2016

SheaMoisture Fruit Fusion Line

I have unmanageable hair. It's okay. I've accepted it. It's long, it's knotty, it's damaged. I love it, but it's the true. As such, I am open to basically anything. If it claims to make my hair more manageable/shiny/beautiful then I am down for it. So when I got an email telling me about the new SheaMoisture range, I knew I had to try it. Just to see it.

The range is full of all-natural, vegan ingredients, and promises to hydrate and soften hair - especially if the hair is curly and fine. Now, my hair is neither curly or fine but I was so up for giving it a go.


As soon as I saw that the range had coconut water in it, I was excited. I love the smell of anything coconut so I was hoping with all my heart that this delivered. And oh yes did it deliver. This range smells like summer. It's the only way I can describe it. It's fruity and coconut-y and just lovely.

Now, down to the range.

Shampoo - Honestly when a shampoo says it's paraben/sulfate/etc free I often think it won't lather very well, so when this shampoo lathered gorgeously I was very surprised. I love how this made my hair feel, light and clean and soft. It's become my staple shampoo since I started using it, plus it lasts ages!

Creme Rinse - Essentially, this is a conditioner. I'm very fussy with conditioners; I have awfully knotty hair so I need something heavy duty that'll soften my lion's mane. Although this isn't the best conditioner I've ever used, it is very good. My hair felt soft and smelt gorgeous. Plus the handy nozzle is great.

Hair Masque - My hair definitely felt deeply conditioned after using this and it was ridiculously soft - I couldn't stop stroking it. The only negative with this is that my hair got greasier a bit quicker - although I'd expect that from a deep conditioning mask.

Weightless Texture Spray - So this was my least favourite of the four products. It just didn't seem to do an awful lot for my hair. That being said, I have very, very long hair, that isn't thin, or curly. So potentially it's because I don't have the right hair type. I'm going to have my hair a bit shorter soon, so I'll re-try it then and see what I think.

The SheaMoisture range is available to buy from Boots and starts from £10.99.

Overall, I love this range. It smells gorgeous, it's vegan, and it's well priced. I highly recommend.

Have you tried this range? What do you think?

*Disclaimer, I was fortunate enough to receive this range to review, however this doesn't change my opinion, as always. :)

Thursday, 2 June 2016

The Jojoba Company


I'm always on the look for good quality skin products, so when the Jojoba Company offered to send me a few of their products, I was excited to try them.

The all-natural company promise that their products are perfect for sensitive skin, made entirely from jojoba oil that they grown on their farm in Australia.

With this in mind, I got to work with the products - their make up remover, day cream and 100% jojoba.

I started off with their makeup remover, and to begin with, I wasn't a fan. This suggests two different ways of using it - the first being to squirt a bit onto cotton wool and remove make up that way. When I did this I found the oil to be too dense and whilst it did remove my makeup I had a lot of oily residue that felt claggy on my skin. As someone who already has oily skin, I didn't like this. So I tried the second option - use it as a more traditional oil and apply it to damp skin to remove makeup before wiping off with a muslin cloth. I loved this, it removed my makeup easier and there was none of the residue of before. 

I loved the oil too - it was very multi-purpose! Because of my oily skin, I didn't use this on my face, but found that when used on my legs and arms I felt so much softer immediately. I used it on the ends of my hair too which are currently waiting to be cut, and it made them feel in a much better condition! 

The winner of this range though is the day cream, which quickly became a firm favourite very quickly. It's light and sinks into the face easily, and keeps my skin feeling moisturised throughout the day without being too heavy. I now use it in my every day skincare routine!

I'm definitely impressed with this range, especially as it contains all natural ingredients, and will definitely be trying more of the range soon!

The Jojoba Company is available in Holland and Barrett now and starts at £12.99!


*Disclaimer, I was fortunate enough to receive these polishes to review, however this doesn't change my opinion, as always. :)

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