Monday, 7 November 2016


Hello there stranger.
Been a while, hasn't it?

I know, I know. It's been a long while since I blogged about anything. And I did that on purpose. I have been blogging on and off since I was 17, and I fell out of love with it. I wasn't blogging for fun anymore, but because I felt like I should.

I have not had the best of years - I lost my job, my relationship and my health all in one fell swoop. So I decided to take a break. I didn't explain myself, or tell anyone I was taking a break. Instead I quietly shut the door for a while, whilst keeping my eye on the keyhole, just to see what was happening.

More recently, I've missed. I am a writer and I love writing. I've spent the past few months focusing on my poetry and although, yes, I LOVE that, I've missed blogging too. So, here is a hello.

Some things will change a bit. I shall no longer focus just on beauty - I want to do a lot more lifestyle posts, and book posts. I'm constantly reading and writing, so I want to explore that a bit more on my blogs.

I don't want to say 'I'll post x times a week' because I don't know how often I'll post. I'll see what routine I naturally fall into.

But this is a hello. *waves*

See you soon,

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