Saturday, 7 January 2017

Last Minute Birthday Gifts

January is a tricky month. Everyone's on a diet and we're all gift-ed out after the presents of December. But then, halfway through the month, cold fear pulses through your veins as you remember there's at least 4 people with birthdays coming up in the next two weeks, and although you told yourself you'd buy their presents in December, you forgot. But do not fear, for I am here, with a last minute gift list for those lovely friends you definitely did not forget about!

Wishlist Last Minute Gifts

1 & 2. L'Occitane have some beautiful gifts at the moment (including some gorgeous L’Occitane men's aftershave that smells amazing!) but the Almond collection and Lavendar bath foam are two of my personal favourites, they smell beautiful and are perfect for someone who needs to pamper themselves more!

3. Dry January is in full force this year, so why not remind your new sober friends of things they can do instead of the pub, whilst you gloat with your glass of wine/gin/beer/Bailey's? (I love Bailey's.)

4. I love carbs, I love girls, I love patches. Therefore this is perfect. Need I say anymore?

5. I miss the gorgeous cinnamon Christmas smells of December, so this year I'm determined to fill my house with beautiful candle smells instead, and this one is gorgeous.

And there you have it. A last minute gift list for the lovely ladies in your life. Or lovely men, or lovely anyone in between.

*This is a sponsored post.*

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